Until just 4 years ago, I had never been off the continent, and not very far out of my native country of Canada. Meeting my present wife changed all of that.  She is definitely a traveler. We took our first trip together to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba.  Two years later we would return to Cuba to get married.

Since then, we’ve traveled to Mexico, Ecuador, and China.  She still has her solo sojourns, but every year sees us travelling more and more together to new destinations. Our next trip is already booked to the Dominican Republic.

Once we retire, we plan to spend six months of every year, travelling. We have a pretty extensive bucket list of destinations and sites.  I’m definitely the history lover, and she’s all about the those sunny beaches. Together, we’ll be seeing a LOT of different places.

She is also a part-time travel agent, so she wanted me to start writing amateur reviews for her to use for her clients. I enjoy writing so I thought “what the heck” , why not give blogging a shot.

Here’s to hoping that you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.